This large ensemble of wild, young, untamed musicians, is called LEONE. LEONEsauvage is a big band, bringing free jazz dancing music together with crazy dancers, singers, actors, artists and uncommon clothes. LEONEsauvage is a seething music body of permitted musicians, that brings people together to dance and to celebrate life together. Concerts of this bands are a life changing experience, an initiation to the freedom of expression and creativity: It is a collectif freaking out experience.

LEONE sauvage CPH are


Kaktus Hrafknell_voice

João Neves_voice

Luise Volkmann_horns

Jon Sensmeier_horns

Miguel Crozzoli_horns

Jedrzej Lagodzinski_horns

Federico Corsini_bass

Thibault Gomez_organ, piano

Tore Ljøkelsøy_drums

Szymon Pimpono_drums


Find out about the different faces of LEONE. Sometimes you will meet wild wolfs hungry for disengagement, sometimes you will find the well thought and formed sound examination of our lives, our love, our passions.